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With over 20 years of experience building proactive cybersecurity solutions, StrikeForce is proud to bring you our latest Innovative solution, PrivacyLok. PrivacyLok is a proactive cyber security solution which locks down access to your personal and corporate data. PrivacyLok protects the following key areas that hackers exploit: camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen.








Camera, Microphone, Speakers, Keyboard, Clipboard, Screen

Protect Every Aspect
of Every Device.

Black Hats, Script Kiddies, Cyber Terrorists & Nation State Hackers are just a few of the groups looking to steal personal, or, corporate data from you. Each of them are equipped with an arsenal of tools designed to bypass Anti-Virus programs, Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems. Passive defense solutions are just no match against today’s sophisticated hackers.

Put Security First

Prevent the Inevitable

With over 20 year of experience building proactive cyber security solutions, StrikeForce is proud to bring you our latest innovation solution, PrivacyLok.

Anti-Hooking Keyboard Protection

Locks down your keyboard input, protecting it from eavesdropping spyware.

Anti-Screenscraper Protection

Secures your screen, preventing unwanted applications from seeing the contents. 

Clipboard Protection

Locks down your clipboard, preventing unwanted applications from accessing its sensitive data. 

Camera Access Locking

Secures access to your camera, only allowing applications you approve to use it. 

Audio Input & Output Locking

Locks down your speakers, microphones, and all audio input and output devices, preventing unwanted applications from accessing or tampering with your systems. 

Experience All That PrivacyLok Offers

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Ensure Your Video Conferences Are Protected

Proactive Cyber Security Solutions


Experience the peace of mind of having every endpoint on your device protected from access or tampering


per device
per year

$3.00/Month When Bundled With SafeVchat

For SMB and Enterprise purchases (5+ devices), please visit our Partners page.

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